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This Messy Play Madrid is the first children's activity provider in Madrid which offers educational messy play classes for babies and toddlers. It was created by therapists who were inspired by messy play, play therapy and STEM learning. 


Our Mission is to encourage every child to learn through play! The workshops we provide prepare pre schoolers for school. Its fun, messy and educational. 

As parents looking for activities to do with our children, we were not able to find any close to home and ended up in the park. On rainy days, we made the most of space at home, but it eliminated the social aspect of play and being around other families. While MPM is looking for a fixed home for families to do exactly that, we have many different types of events. Pop Ups, private events and we also work in schools and early years settings.

Messy play enhances a child's cognitive development, learning, and physical development. It also helps children grow their capacity to concentrate, develop their hand-eye coordination, expand their communication skills, and learn about different materials and textures. Messy play uses painting, sand, art, dance and more, to encourage children to develop their skills through play. Your child will be encouraged to use hands, fingers, feet and toes to do so.

Children learn best by experimenting and discovering, so what better way to introduce messy play than at one of our classes.

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